Today’s world is the trend of the digital world. There are different platforms & social pages where you can find fashion & lifestyle kinda stuff very easily. Social media is expanding like on a large scale every year.

It is not always easy to find which social platform is good for everything. During my research on the social platforms, I came to know about is a social network designed for the interest special channels. is a combination of affinity & amity.

I have filtered the most important 5 reasons to go for

1.Interest-specific social channels:
On you can go to your specific channel with your interest. There are categories like beauty, sports, food etc. In the beauty category, all the feed would be related to food.

2. Dedicated content:
All the blogger community & users will post the content which is entirely related to the specific category. Affimity is a place where people share your passions & dedicated to it completely. All the useless data won’t be available on the feed.

3. Community Buzz:
You can create your own community with your favourite category of food, fashion ot beauty. All you friends & circle can see your feed in that category.

4. Noiseless Social feed:

The most important features I loved about is it’s noiseless wall aka mixed wall of unwanted content. I was totally bored of all the travelling photos on my feed. Now, I can simply switch to my fashion feed & spend hours on it without any interruption.

5. Passion & friendship: provides a large platform for the people who wants to share their passion. Following your passion of you will make an exclusive group of friends. As the slogan says, affimity stands for affinity & amity.

I recently created my account on & noticed real-time views traffic on my posts.

Keep loving