Akshay Kumar is our hero in real life too. He was here in Delhi for his movie “Naam Shabana” promotions with Tapsee Pannu & Manoj Vajpayi. He does not miss a chance to prove his generosity time to time. In the same event Akshay Kumar consoled his fan with such love who was crying.

He continued talking about the women safety throughout the event. Akshay devoted his first screening of the film to Delhi female police cops team instead of glamour diva’s. It’s a great honor for entire Women defense team since they were recognized by none other than the role model of India, Akshay Kumar.

“Naam Shabana” is a movies based around a woman spying story & who fights for India which is led by Tapsee Pannu. Tapsee & Akshay have worked in their former project in Movie “Baby” also.

Moreover, Akshay Kumar is sitting smiling all  around with the ladies Tapsee Pannu & Delhi female Police team. Akshay has tweeted this picture of him sharing his proud.

“Enjoyed my 1st screening of #NaamShabana with these Brave Female Police Officers of Delhi last night #NothingButRespect 👊🏽”

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