Akshay Kumar movie Rustom has won him national award for best actor. Rustom was an epic story based on Rustom Vahi an Indian navy officer who killed his wife’s lover. In real life also Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna share a strong couple bond.

Akshay Kumar is a versatile actor who can play any role whatever condition is given to him even in a better outcome. All his movies have a different character from each of his movie. He can do comedy to super sensitive roles like a pro.

Akshay Kumar new movie Toilet-Ek Prem Katha is the queue for 2017.

Today, we are talking about Alshay Kumar look in his movies. Akshay is one of those male actors who does not hesitate to adapt in any outfit which suits to his character. From his beard style to colorful shirt, Akshay Kumar has nailed all his movie look.

Let’s have a look on Akshay Kumar Movies look which are signature of his styles & remembered in just one glance.

  1. Airlift Businessman Look: Airlift is the story of the time when Iraq invades Kuwait & started killing all Kuwaitis. Akshay Kumar played the role of a businessman Ranjit Katiyal who puts his life on risk to save his own countryman. Akshay Kumar beard style & suiting was loved by everyone.
    Akshay Kumar movie Airlift look
  2. Baby: An elite team of the Indian intelligence system perpetually strives to detect and eliminate terrorists and their plots. Akshay Kumar played the role of Office Ajay who leads the team. Akshay kumar mustaches, cap & aviator sunglasses gave him the look for baby movie. Akshay Kumar movie Baby look
  3. Bhool Bhoolaiya: The comedy King appeared in the movie Bhool Bhollaiya as a psychiatrist who treats the Vidhya Balan suffering as Manjulika. Akshay Kumar first appearance gave the sound of laughter when he entered in the palace in his Sadhu Avatar wearing all orange outfit & gladiator sunglasses with Rudraksh Mala. Akshay Kumar movie Bhol Bhulaiya look
  4. Gabbar: Gabbar is one the nationwide message in which Akshay Kumar played the role of gabbar who is grieving on the death of his wife because of the corrupt system & governance. Character of Gabbar keep himself vigilant. Gabbar’s rough look of an angry man with grown beard caught the attention of male fashion also. Akshay Kumar movie Gabbar look
  5. Holiday: Virat, a soldier, accidentally bumps into a terrorist who plans to rip apart Mumbai with a series of blasts. Akshay Kumar played the role of Virat gathers his team and it is up to him to save Mumbai from terrorists. Akshay Kumar movie Holiday look
  6. Jolly LLB: The film revolves around the early life of lawyer Jagdish Tyagi a.k.a. Jolly (played by Warsi) and focuses on his attempt to earn six innocent wage earners their rights and his journey against the monopolistic behavior of the rich and judicial corruption. Akshay Kumar played role of Jolly as a bhrahmin who was found putting Matha Tikka in the movie.
    Akshay Kumar movie Jolly LLb look
  7. Khiladi 786: Akshay Kumar look in Khiladi 786 went viral since his colorful kurta with Afgani scarf & pathani salvar with Jutti’s gave him an outstanding contemporary style. Aviators sunglasses are one of his favorite accessory to pick for most of his movie styles. Akshay Kumar is playing the character of Mansukh in Khiladi 786. Akshay Kumar movie Khiladi 786 look
  8. OMG(Oh My God): In the movie Akshay Kumar played the role of Krishna who helps Paresh Rawal throughout the movie.  In the movie Akshay was mostly found playing with a keychain which is suppose to be the Vishnu Chakra & added a morpankh (Peacock feather) while holding flute. Akshay Kumar movie omg look
  9. Rowdy Rathore: Akshay Kumar is playing double role in the movie as Vikram Rathore, a brave cop, is killed by corrupt politicians. But his team replaces him with Shiva, a thief who happens to be his look-alike, in a bid to fluster the culprits and nab them red-handed. Aviators & mustaches again. Akshay Kumar movie Rowdy Rathore look
  10. Rustom: In Rustom Akshay Kumar played well the role of Rustam vahi who is a Navy Officer. Akshay Kumar looked stunning & super gentleman in this white navy uniform with a cap & pepper mustaches. Akshay Kumar movie Rustam look
  11. Singh is King: In singh is King Akshay Kumar played the role of a sikh man Happy Singh who bring back the son of his uncle who has become a Don in Australia. Akshay played a funny role in the movie. AKshay Kumar is wearing colorful headgears(Sikh Turban) & beard in the movieAkshay Kumar movie Singh is King lookAkshay Kumar movie Singh is King look
  12. Special 26 officer lookAkshay Kumar movie Special 26 look
  13. Tees Maar Khan: In the movie Akshay Kumar played the role of a thief & styled himself as a Tapori with colorful shirts & hairstyles. The conman loots a train of treasure with the help of villagers. Akshay Kumar movie Tees maar khan look

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