Akshay Kumar was present in Delhi Gargi college for his upcoming movie Naam Shabana promotions. Naam Shabana is coming to theater on Friday.

During the event, Akshay spoke about women self defense in India. He said, men will harass only when they know there is no return action. He asked women to hit back whenever any man touches in an appropriate manner.

During the event Akshay Kumar consoled this girl  with a friendly hug who got emotional during the event & did burst out with tears. The picture itself speaks a lot about the love his fans hold for Bollywood Khiladi Akshay kumar.


Akshay Kumar movie Naam Shabana is based on women where Tapsee Pannu is playing the lead role of Shabana. Other co-actors in the movie Manoj Vajpeyi & producer Neeraj pandey were also present at the promotional event where a woman pushed him on the floor with his marshal skills. Akshay has also tweeted about that incident on his twitter account.

This is not the first time Akshay Kumar is winning hearts for his generous actions. He has been getting praises for that he done for Indian soldiers & women safety in India. Akshay is the one of the only Bollywood actor who keeps making himself proud to be a true Indian.

There is a long list to describe Akshay Kumar as a father, as a husband, as an actor & a lot more. He is the man who devotes himself competently whatever role is given to him in reel life or in real life.  Now, he is proud of father of a beautiful little girl & he make sure to give her a country where she feels protected.

Akshay is planing to start his school of self defense for women in Delhi soon though he is not sure about the exact date.

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