Anushka Sharma Keeps posting messages against animal torture and rescue campaigns. Anushka’s pet dog Dude is her closest.

Watch out Virat Kohli Instagram Dp with Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma recently shared this cute picture of birds drinking water in burning heat of Indian summer. Anushka has requested her followers to keep a water pot on roof tops & balconies for these little creatures.

That’s definitely a great concern for birds since they die either by or by drinking dirty water from sewage. About 1.2 billions people don’t get clean water to drink. Please add this message from our side also “Save Water Save Life”.

Listen to Anushka Sharma because it’s very important since we share this planet with birds too. It’s our human duty to help those who cant help themselves. Before this, Anushka Sharma shared her personal video for in dog’s defense to protect them from Diwali patakhe & Holi colors too.

We can totally relate to the dreadful feeling these tiny birds are going through in such hot summers.

Please place a water pot in your balcony & terraces for thirsty birds. Make sure you keep clean water & the pot is wider instead of deep since they cant reach to the lower level of water.

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