SS Rajamouli Bahubali is winning the heart of viewers throughout the world since it has taken number 3 position in United States after Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious. Bahubali 2 is taking over the cinema like a storm since fans have been waiting for the release  for two years after Bahubali 1. And there are valid reasons to watch Bahubali 2.

SS Rajamouli whose real name is Koduri Srisaila Sri Rajamouli was born in Karnataka. Rajamouli is a 43 years old director of Telegu films and has worked in over 10 films whose Hindi remakes have been released also.  Rajamouli has presented Anushka Shetty as goddess in Bahubali 2.  Rajamouli has also directed the super-hit movie Maghadhira.

Bahubali director SS Rajamouli charged 28 crores for the direction of Bahubali and we can watch his dedication onscreen. My personal experience I am sharing here about first Bahubali.

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I have watched Bahubali 1 and now watched Bahubali 2. We keep watching SS Rajamouli interviews and read a lot about him on social media and paper media. Now, when I recognize him very well, I spot on SS Rajamouli in Bahubali 1 during a scene when Amrendra Bahubali and Bhallal Dev goes to search for the spy in a Bar and Bar-tender is none other than Rajamouli.

Lol! my sister and I were like -we have seen this guy somewhere. Boom! we both whooped out it’s SS Rajamouli. Do you want to watch that same scene in the movie?

Directors keep surprising viewers with such cute surprise appearances in the movies. Karan Johar has also appeared in Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge as Shahrukh’s friend. From Madhur Bhandarkar to SS Rajamouli, directors prove to be good actors since the real imagination comes from the master minds of the director.

Entire team of Bahubali has worked really hard to create such epic movie which has broken various previous record of Indian and international cinema.

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