Saturday, February 24, 2018
Women's Fashion

Women's Fashion

5 Ideas Of Wearing Bangles To Get Attention From Fashion Divas

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we Indian women can live in abroad, do higher studies, go western in our fashion but our Indian roots do not let us go beyond our culture & couture. Yes, today I am talking about bangles from metal bangles to studded ones. Well, I remember...

5 Trendiest Hair Color 2018 Only For Fashion Freaks

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We adore our hair no less than Rapunzel. The tenderness of your hair defines your beauty. In my growing age, I never cared for my hair exclusively but now this is very important to use right products & hair-care for keeping them healthy. Blow-dry...

5 Smart Fashion Tips For Festive Season Not Everyone Tells

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India is an incredible country with hundreds of languages, cultures, cuisine & festivals. We Indians are super enthusiast for our festive season. There are some unique festivals in each corner of the nation from start to end of the year. But, the most special festive...

5 Easiest Tips for Lip Care- How To Get Soft & Pink Lips

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Lips are one of the sensitive organ of human body. Lips add the most beautiful facial feature of one's looks. Now with current pollution status in the world, lips are also getting affected in our everyday sunlight exposure & air pollution. we will be...

5 Tips To Keep Your feet Clean & Beautiful- Beauty Tips

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Women are supposed as goddess in Indian tradition. New bride is welcomed in the new family with her  foot-marks in the house entrance since she is considered as goddess of wealth & prosperity. Feet tells a lot about your hygiene & personality. I have lots...

Shree Ethnic Range is All You need this festive Season

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    Indian festive season comes with a lot of energy & positive aura all around. Women  men start to prepare for their festive outfit preparations. We all can't deny the truth that we all adore our traditional attires more than anything in the world. I...

Laser Hair Removal Is Safe & Painless If Done From Right Clinic

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To day I am going to share my personal experience I went through during laser hair removal treatment. It's not easy to be a woman & to care for our beauty. Keep following some regular beauty regime. I was literally annoyed with my unwanted hair...

50 Vintage Rings Design for Dark Fashion Inspired Women

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In global cultures there are different rituals and trends for jewelry. Wearing rings is a worldwide fashion in glamorous and religious manner. Rings are worn in all fingers of hands except thumb though in modern culture men and women are seen wearing thumb rings....