I hail from the state Haryana, where the female foeticide rate is maximum in the entire country. I have grown up in a family where I never realized any differ from my brothers. I have studied abroad & explored the world quite enough to collect some basic idea of life.

It was not that my parents were biased with three of his daughters & his son, but it was always there that we are girls. Girls are considered to do girlie things to sustain in such society even if its Haryana or any other metro city. In my childhood, I never realized this as all family kids were growing in the equal treatment. After years we all grown up as adults, the discrimination started out of concern as typical daughter’s parents.

My mother was the one who always motivated us to do things which are in our control, But my father was a little bound to the society & its baseless gossiping about how a girl should live her life. That was a time where even walking down on the road was a topic for neighbors to talk about. My father taught driving to my brother & said which girls drive cars when my mom asked for us the same thing. It was the time when I passed my high school. Now, the things have changed so far. My dad has changed to a very broad minded person in compared to his previous mindset. He has turned out to be the most loving father with his fatherly concerns & giving us the wings to fly little more. I could proceed as a fashion influencer with his support.

It’s not that I am too liberal to understand the required sensibility of a good life & relation. I love my family more than myself & their happiness is all I cherish for. Somewhere, I am still starving for that confidence in the daughter’s parents where you have more kids as a girl child. Why parents don’t just take it as their set of children without taking it as a specific number of daughters & sons defining your capability of being lucky.

There is still a guideline a woman should choose as her career according to her gender. Bollywood keeps digging up this deep thought process every other day through their movies. Why she is considered less in comparison to a man either it’s corporate or non-corporate. My idea of research says, it’s the conditioning of our parents & society which makes a girl like this. Girls in our society are taught to be soft, coward & patient to proceed a good married life. I wonder why the teaching & lessons are always for girls but not for guys.

Not a single movie has given me a better picture of girls power than in the upcoming movie “Dangal” starrer Amir Khan & Sakshi Tanvar. The story line talks about the real story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, how a sportsman wanted to win gold in Olympics in man wrestling & forwarded his dream o his daughters in a sport considered for man. Doing this outstanding effort in a place where he had to face the real criticism by society was nothing less than a revolutionary change in women betterment.

PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Phogat Sisters are the brightest starts in the sky defined for women.
Do have a look at the trailer launch & first song of his hard work to achieve his dream.

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