Who amongst us remembers the song ‘Malhari” from Bajirao Mastani or “Tattad Tattad” from Goliyo ki rasleela- Ramleela. I can assure you that each one of us must have heard these songs atleast once and the energy these songs carry is seriously commendable. Lets talk about new sensation Khalibali now.

Music is of those elements in a movie which makes it popular amongst the audience and i must say Mr Bhansali knows how to play this card very well. A song like “khalibali ” picturised on a so called villian seems asthetically so magnificent that it provokes the madness inside all of us.

Ranveer Singh as Alauddin khilzi Padmavati,KhalibaliThe song has so much energy like all its predecessors,yes I link these songs because you just cant miss the resemblance in the energy and powerlevels.

But, then we all know Ranveer himself is a powerhouse of energy and he completely takes your breath away with his performance, its not very common that you appreciate a villians performance and yet end up hating him but ranveer does this with ease you will hate him in the movie but you will end up dancing with him to this tune. Ranveer Singh style statements are as sparkling as his dancing.

For all those ganpati dancer i can assure you do watch his moves in this song and you will certainly add a few more moves in your dance armour 😉 atleast I have.

Shear brilliance with regard to energy,music and choreography Mr bhansali has hit the bullseye with this one yet again. Haters gonna hate but like we all knw cinamatic liberty was created for entertainment and Mr bhansali has indeed entertained us.

Ranveer Singh has become the item performer of every movie he does. His charismatic dance moves, energy & passion towards his work is praisworthy.  Take a look at some of his best item numbers & tie your shoes for some crazy dance action.



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