After hefty win of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has been elected as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Since Uttar Pradesh is a communal state where any sensitive issue creates riot scenes, entire nation was filled with joy after BJP win in the state & were waiting for the new face of chief minister who possess the power of controlling one of the biggest state of India in population of 199,812,341 & 240928 Sq km of area that is Uttar Pradesh.

There were meetings & discussions for choosing the most powerful man for Uttar Pradesh with leadership skills. Uttar Pradesh is communal state with high population of Muslims. Yogi Adityanath, MP from Gorakhpur has been in news for his communal actions supporting Hindutva. Today morning Yogi Adityanath took oath for the position of 21st Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath joined the BJP & politics in 1991. Now, we have our CM who is rebellious for his actions. Here are few things to know about Yogi Adityanath if you are still unaware:

“Yogi’s real name is Ajay Singh bhhisht who was born in Garhwali Rajput family”
Your name affects your life” target=”_blank”>Your name affects your entire life
1. Yogi Adityanath was born on 5th June 1972 in Garhwal state of Uttrakhand(earlier part of Uttar Pradesh).
2.Yogi is maths graduate from Garhwal University Uttar Pradesh.
3. Yogi Adityanth renounce his family at the young age of 21 & joined Mahant Avaidyanath assistance for Hinduism.
4. Yogi was given position of Mehant(head Priest) after death of Mahant Avaidyanath of Guru Gorakhpur temple, Gorakhpur.
5. Adityanath has been elected youngest MP at the age of 26 in 12th Lok Sabha.
6. Adityanath has been winning the Gorakhpur elections since 1998 till now for consecutive 5 terms.
7. In 2007, Yogi was arrested for causing non-violent dharna at Muharram procession in Gorakhpur.
8. Yogi has supported US President Donald Trump’s decision to enact a ban on citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries entering the United States and has called for India to adopt similar policies to tackle terrorism.
9. During the intolerance debate in the Indian media in late 2015, Adityanath compared actor Shah Rukh Khan to Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed.
10. After his first electoral win, Yogi Adityanath started his own militant youth wing Hindu Yuva Vahini.

There are all types of group discussion among people that Modi ji going to lead a non-married team of ministers where there wont be any family pressure & complete devotion towards the nation. We are waiting for the major changes in state & nationwide.

There are various types of memes & social comment in his opposition. People from other states & countries have their point of view since he is a communal leader. Here are some of the interesting social feedback from famous personalities & common people:

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